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Integrated Settlement

in Rome

by Nicola Romano architect

year 1992 - alll rights reserved © Nicola Romano architect

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    New settlement (partially "integrated") that connects and integrates the various physiognomies of the surrounding urban areas.



Determine an urban place that provides:

- hospitality (urban living spaces);

- work spaces (reducing the commuting);

- facilities integration:       - sanitary facilities,

- cultural facilities,

- for elderly,

- for childrens;

- the chance to be "once again" citizens (pedestrians);

        - the opportunity to re-enter the green areas which an element of 

          urban settlement (oxygen production);

- the possibility of increasing the public facilities for mobility

  (oxygen consumption reduction).



A)  Drastic change in the mobility network.

B)  "Widespread" multifunctionality.

C)  Reactivate the urban meeting ritual via meeting places determination.

+   Retrieving of the Appia Way's Park for cultural and recreational activities.

The strategical proposal:   use the green as connective  (him, "the green," is by nature "the place of the feet").



Join the Appia Way's Park and the future constrution of S.D.O.-Eastern Administrative System using 2 components of urban comfort:

1) mechanized or overhead mobility  (car presence reduction);

2) connection and expansion of green areas.


all plans, axonometric sections, cross section

context and urban-territorial planning

all rights reserved © Nicola Romano architect

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