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olive tree 3D model in dwg format - previews

by Michele Leonardi architect

FREE IN COPYLEFT - all rights reserved © Michele Leonardi architect


free for personal or professional use only,

but not for commercial sale,

like 3D architetcural computer aided designs

and architectural renderings




the olive tree 3D model in high definition - 12 MB ca.

copyleft © Michele Leonardi architect

olive tree 3D model - screenshot
olive tree 3D model - detail



Screenshot's gallery of the same OLIVE TREE 3D model

in three different positions and different points of view :





Render's gallery of the OLIVE TREE 3D model :





Example of another 3D olive tree setting in an architectural rendering :





The OLIVE TREE KIT - screenshot's gallery :





The OLIVE TREE KIT - rendering's gallery :

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