housing 200, western europe - italy

by Michele Leonardi and Bruno Ambrosioni architects

with I.A.R. Progetti Engeneering-Rome


Near the Universitiy Campus of "Tor Vergata" and a metro station in Rome, 200 student accommodations with many services: cafeteria, dining hall, library, conference room, galleria with other services, gym, open air theater, parking.  During the summer a resort for tourists (6 miles south of Coliseum). Preliminary design, definitive design, and working drawings (year 2006); unrealized complex.

The "I.A.R. Progetti" group was composed by a team of architects, three structural engineers, two plant engineers, a bio-architect, two geotechnical engineers, and a botanist. 

This a small extract from the preliminary project and the intermediate project :









Extracts from the intermediate project :


sample drawing 1.pdf
Documento Adobe Acrobat [175.4 KB]
sample drawing 2.pdf
Documento Adobe Acrobat [208.1 KB]
sample drawing 3.pdf
Documento Adobe Acrobat [129.4 KB]


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